La Lisse

In the sixties, after the closure of the anthracite mines, La Thuile became orientated towards a new economic launch in tourism, after a work experience abroad, in the area of Va D’Isere we had the idea of opening a pizzeria, the first of its kind in the village.

Our family property is situated alongside the splendid fields of Arly – where the cross country trails are today – in an agricultural area called “Les Lisses”, hence the chosen name “La Lisse”!

The consistent efforts of the family over many years has transformed the menu to much more than just pizzas, now offering grilled meats and a selection of traditional dishes from the Valley and neighbouring Savoia.

Restaurant La Lisse Snc

di Collomb Silvana e Sandra
Loc. Arly, 24 - 11016 La Thuile (AO) - Italy
Phone and fax: +39 0165 884167
Enscription REA: AO-43459 - CF and PI: 00470030073